Lowcountry Cups + Toadfish PUT 'EM BACK™ Oyster Knife
Lowcountry Cups + Toadfish PUT 'EM BACK™ Oyster Knife
Lowcountry Cups + Toadfish PUT 'EM BACK™ Oyster Knife

Lowcountry Cups + Toadfish PUT 'EM BACK™ Oyster Knife

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Guess what? The best effin' oysters in the world are finally paired up with the best effin' oyster knife in the world!

The guys over at Toadfish are doing big things in sustainability and oyster...uh..openability (?!?) and it starts with their awesome PUT EM' BACK™ Oyster Knife. If you see us out shucking Lowcountry Cups at an event there is about a 187% chance you'll see the teal handled Toadfish knife in our hands. 

With this knife, our Lowcountry Cups literally pop right open. The blade has a little curve at the end that helps get into the hinge of the oyster. The handle is made from recycled plastic and is super-comfortable for long or short shucking sessions (giggity).

To top it all off Toadfish donates a portion of their knife sales directly to oyster reef rebuilds which help keep the Lowcountry water clean and the oysters the best in the world.

Oyster Info:

In addition to the Toadfish PUT 'EM BACK™ Oyster Knife, you'll get our fresh Lowcountry Cups delivered to your door. We harvest our oysters to order and ship via FedEx Overnight Ground. That means you'll have fresh, live oysters on your doorstep about 24-48 hours after we pull them from the creek. You can't even get them that fresh in a restaurant!

Got questions about ordering oysters online? Check out our FAQ here.

Location: ACE Basin, SC

Size: 3” - 3.25”, consistent round cup

Salinity: High, with water salinity ranging from 20ppt - 32ppt depending on the month and precipitation.

Farming Overview: Lowcountry Cups are raised from local ACE Basin seed in floating cages. The cages suspend the oysters at the top of the water column where they stay out of the mud and have plenty to eat thanks to the 7ft tidal swings.

Once every 4-6 weeks, the oysters are taken out of the water and run through our tumbling machine to knock off the brittle shell and help them develop more meat and a deeper cup. At harvest, Lowcountry Cups range from 6 to 12 months old.