Lowcountry Cups (Pickup)

Lowcountry Cups (Pickup)

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Fresh Lowcountry Cups, harvested to order and available for pickup at Fatty's Beer Works on select dates.

Pickup Information:

Where: Fatty's Beer Works (

When: Friday, Dec 7th, 4-8 PM

How: Bring your cooler to the brewery and we'll load you up. We'll have ice for sale straight out of the truck. 100 Lowcountry Cups are about the size of a basketball so plan your cooler space accordingly.

Oyster Specifics:

Location: Fish Creek, ACE Basin, SC

Size: 3” - 3.25”, consistent round cup

Salinity: High, with water salinity ranging from 20ppt - 32ppt depending on the month and precipitation.

Farming Overview: Lowcountry Cups are raised from local ACE Basin seed in floating cages. The cages suspend the oysters at the top of the water column where they stay out of the mud and have plenty to eat thanks to the 7ft tidal swings.

Once every 4-6 weeks, the oysters are taken out of the water and run through our tumbling machine to knock off the brittle shell and help them develop more meat and a deeper cup. At harvest, Lowcountry Cups range from 6 to 12 months old.